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Once Twice (formerly Lusso Dress Hire)  is a local Vancouver dress rental company built by three sisters determined to solve the problem of splurging on a dress you only wear once. With a passion for sustainability and the slow fashion movement, they wanted to make a change in the way people shop. The sisters decided to pool together their expertise in accounting, business management, and marketing to create a company that would provide the ultimate solution: allow consumers to wear a dress once, and return it. The Once Twice collection is made up of unique and versatile dresses, chosen from designers who have a focus on quality and sustainable practices, perfect for every occasion and at a fraction of the retail price.

With the growing number of fashion seasons to keep up with the trends, the fast fashion industry has grown exponentially. While this allows consumers easy access to their fast changing clothing desires, it can be easy to lose sight of the environmental impact these fast fashion retailers have. Renting a dress allows you to contribute to the slow fashion movement where each garment gets a longer life and less of an impact on the environment.  Renting a dress is a simple and affordable step everyone can take to create a big change for the world. 

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